2016 Phi Alpha Theta Inductions

2016 PAT Inductions 1

Ginger Gates (left) and Lili Kane (right) receive their certificates. 

On Thursday, April 14, 2016, the History Department inducted four new members of the Sigma Omega Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the National History Honor Society.  Honorees were juniors Ginger Gates, Paul Goodspeed, and Whitney Hammond, along with senior Liliana Kane.

Senior history major and Phi Alpha Theta member Maria Turner welcomed the new honorees into the society and guided them through the initiation ceremony.  Chapter advisor Professor Sean Perrone provided certificates and flowers for each student.  Whitney Hammond’s sister and History alum Eric Ricci ’10 shared in the celebration, along with Professors Sarah Hardin and Beth Salerno.  Everyone enjoyed an hour of socializing, discussing history, and mentoring regarding internships and jobs.

Whitney, Ginger, Paul, and Liliana join seniors Katie Corbett, Sabrina Fahy, Lindsey Nicewicz, Ian Norton, Jennifer Peterson, Maria Turner, and Kristen Van Uden as members of the society.  The latter seven were inducted last year as juniors.

Admission requirements for Phi Alpha Theta include at least 3.1 minimum GPA in 12 or more credit hours of history and at least 3.0 minimum overall GPA.

2016 PAT Inductions 2

Paul Goodspeed (left) is congratulated by Maria Turner and Eric Ricci ’10. Whitney Hammond (right) basks in the glow of Phi Alpha Theta membership—or is that the late afternoon sun?


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