Last Day–heading home from Havana

On our last day in Cuba we had the morning in Havana before we had to leave for the airport. This gave us all a chance to pack and do some last minute shopping. Several of the students went back to the market, and others went on a mission to buy some coffee to bring back to the states.


The professors on the trip decided to take a walk near the hotel, where we passed the Club Capablanca, a famous chess club. Sadly, it was closed—seemingly permanently. Then we tried to find an antique car so we could take a spin down the Malecon and have a cup of coffee.


Initially most of the cabs were occupied, but we finally ended up in a rather beat-up old green Ford. We took a ride to the old section of town, where we had a great cup of coffee while watching the activity on the local square. For our return to the hotel we hailed this stunning metallic orange ’57 Chevy convertible. It was a great way to end the trip in style.


As a final souvenir, just before getting on the bus for the airport, I took a picture of a mural on the wall near the hotel. It traced Castro’s journey before returning to Cuba in 1958. I’ll be interested to see if it is still there when we return–perhaps in 2017.


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