Bay of Pigs Museum and Trinidad

After a relaxing evening on the beach, the next morning we visited the small but interesting museum dedicated to the Bay of Pigs invasion. The tour started with a short propaganda video. Then we browsed the leftover military equipment and other relics from the invasion.

IMG_0704   IMG_0716

Not surprisingly, the museum presented a rather nationalistic account of the invasion, which pitted American-backed “mercenaries” against heroic Cubans.

IMG_0709   IMG_0714

After the museum we hopped back on our somewhat trusty schoolbus for the drive to Trinidad. The trip took us through more of rural Cuba, where we saw rice, sugar cane, and tropical fruit production. The bumpy roads were also dotted with occasional propaganda posters, including the most explicitly anti-American billboard that we saw on our trip.

IMG_0738   IMG_0752

We arrived in Trinidad around lunch time. Trinidad is a beautiful old colonial town that was once a center of sugar production nestled in the Escambray Mountains.

IMG_0767    IMG_0769

The cobblestone streets, brightly colored walls, and terra cotta tile roofs lend the city its distinctive character.

IMG_0778    IMG_0826

While in Trinidad we took a tour of a home that had been owned by a family that had earned its wealth in sugar production. The house was kept in excellent condition and decorated with antique china, furniture, and art.

IMG_0827    IMG_0843

We left Trinidad in the late afternoon for our long return trip to Havana. Although it took us several hours to get back, the journey was made easier by this beautiful sunset (and the Bucaneros that we picked up at a rest stop along the way).



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